• What Makes a Park? Four Mile Creek MetroPark

    A common misconception about parks I’ve found is that they are best enjoyed in the warmth. The spring and summer bring green lushness and vibrant blooms to our landscapes. With autumn comes crisp air and the golden hues of leaves, but also a reminder these vistas are quickly coming to an end. Once full of […]

  • What Makes a Park? Governor Bebb MetroPark

    One of my favorite things about visiting parks is watching them change through the seasons. Of course, we find ourselves in the heart of autumn, though the golden, orangey hues are quickly fading as the trees lose their leaves. Half barren branches are a reminder that in nature, nothing lasts forever. The end of autumn […]

  • What Makes a Park? Forest Run MetroPark

    If you had the chance to read our last post, you know that just down the road from Green Heron MetroPark, you will find Forest Run. Split into two sections – Wildlife Preserve and Timberman Ridge – this park has a larger acreage and is also home to the MetroParks’ Administrative Offices. Though labeled under […]

  • What Makes a Park? Green Heron MetroPark

    What makes a park? In an era of social media, van lifestyles, and national park bucket lists, it can be easy to overlook the beauty found right in our backyards. The truth is that we don’t have to travel far to experience nature. There are no grand and majestic requirements when it comes to what […]

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